Building description


The building will be constructed on a strip foundation. The load-bearing construction of the building will be made of hollow concrete blocks and light blocks.
The external walls will be finished partly with mineral dispersion plaster and partly with vertical boarding.

The non-bearing partitions will be made either from light block or metal carcass that will be covered with plasterboards on both sides and then finished. The interior wall of the technical space will be constructed on a metal carcass and covered with double plasterboards.

Ceilings, floors, roof
The inserted ceilings and roof-ceiling will be made of r/b hollow panels. A step noise reducing board will be installed on the hollow panels of the inserted ceilings and a 100 mm thick reinforced concrete floor will be cast on this. The base floor will be constructed in the form of an 80 mm thick monolithic reinforced concrete board as a “floating floor”. Mechanically compacted gravel foundation will be laid under the board; insulation and damp protection will be installed on top of that.
The roof is designed with a 1:80 incline. The roofs of the building are flat (non-accessible).

Stairway, terrace
The inner stairway is wooden enclosed staircase with wooden borders; the finishing is done with furniture quality. Stair steps are covered with oak veneer. There is closed store-room under the staircase. The terrace will be built from impregnated wood.

Windows and doors
Triple-glazed PVC windows will be installed. The main doors will be in wooden profile with side and upper frame with glass, painted flush doors. The door of technical room is in metal profile painted flush door. The U-value of door is <1,0 W/m²K. The interior doors are veneered flush doors according to design.

Energy label
Quality doors and windows, proper insulation for external walls and modern utility systems guarantee a class B energy label and small accessory expenses.

All apartments in the building will be heated from an independent boiler system that will be installed in the technical space of each apartment. The heating source will be a gas boiler that will be installed in the technical space of each apartment. The heat exchange medium will be hot-water underfloor heating that ensures a good interior climate and higher energy efficiency. A solid fuel sauna stove will be installed in the saunas.
The fireplaces will have double flue modular chimneys.

A mechanical heat-return supply and exhaust ventilation system with a complete ventilation assembly is designed for each apartment.
The local extraction system in the kitchen will be used for local extraction from the kitchen stove. Extraction from the kitchen stove must be done through the grease filter and a separate ventilator.
The kitchen hoods for the kitchen stove are not included in the sale price.

Water and sewage
Water meters will be installed in the laundry room or secondary room. The hot water for each apartment will come from the gas boiler. The sewage water from the building will be directed to the existing central sewage system. The rainfall from the roof and water drained from the surroundings is collected and directed to the existing rainwater sewage system.

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